The City

The City


As this painting was developed, an abstracted cityscape emerged.  Focusing on the shapes that suggest tall buildings produced a view that could be any urban city.  The colors and textures to suggest that the city is vibrant with activity.  The foreground is somewhat undefined, just suggesting foliage or a cloud of dust from movement on the street.  Does this painting suggest a particular city to you?  Why where you there?  Was it fun?  

  • 14 inches x 11 inches

  • mixed media

  • Cradled Board with .75 inch sides


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The Living Currents Collection

The bold colors and textures of these paintings provide a lyrical sense of nature’s rhythms and a poetic push and pull of life events.  While soothing in nature, these paintings will continually stimulate your imagination.  You will see and feel different things as you connect on different levels over time.