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Meet Susan

Hello, I’m Susan Lackey, an abstract painter. My goal as an artist is to help you remember all the beautiful and meaning things in your life through connections with my paintings.

To appreciate my paintings is to understand my process.  I typically don't start with a concept in mind.  I select a color combination that ignites something in me and paint intuitively until I feel an emotional response.  I name the painting and then develop the painting around that feeling. 

My style is abstract expressionism.  I use acrylic and mixed media on various surfaces.  What sets my style apart from others is that I strive to suggest.  I don’t tell the whole story.  I leave it incomplete, so you can connect with my paintings on a level that is meaningful to you.  I’m inspired by the personal stories that people attach to my paintings.  These stories will change over time for you depending on what’s happening in your life.  My paintings will continue to entertain you.


Susan Lackey developed a strong foundation for the arts in her youth.  Her father was an oil painter and supported her interest with materials, classes, and as a role model.  She majored in art at East Carolina University and has studied under many nationally known artists including Gerald Brommer, Alex Powers, Pat Dews, and Linda Baker.  Susan is originally from Charlotte, NC and currently resides in Albemarle, NC.  

Susan is the recipient of the 2018 Regional Area Project Grant, sponsored by the NC Arts Council, 10 area county Arts Councils, and the Blumenthal Endowment.  She’s a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of NC and has won numerous awards for her paintings.  Her work has been shown at the various local, regional, and national exhibits and juried shows.  Susan’s work is frequently on display in area galleries and proudly hangs in both private and corporate collections.  Susan’s most current work can be found on this website and on Instagram @SusanLackeyArt.