I used calming earth tones to contrast with ominous darks to suggest a turbulence in this painting.  To reinforce that concept, I painted the dark and metallic shapes in a circular pattern that resembles the center of a storm.  The reason for this vortex could be anything from coming of age to the loss of a loved one.  What do you feel is the source of this storm?   Is the activity positive or negative?  It could go either way.  

  • 20 inches x 16 inches

  • acrylic

  • Canvas with 1.5 inch sides

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The Living Currents Collection

The bold colors and textures of these paintings provide a lyrical sense of nature’s rhythms and a poetic push and pull of life events.  While soothing in nature, these paintings will continually stimulate your imagination.  You will see and feel different things as you connect on different levels over time.