Women Explained

Women Explained


Since we women a such complex creatures, I chose to overlay graphic images of three female faces in this painting from different directions.  Of course, I chose a subtle but complex color pallet.  Each face becomes a pattern and part of the shape of another.  No one really stands alone in this world, we are all products of our heritage and environment.  Can you see three faces?  Hint: one is upside down, one is sideways, and the last is right side up.

  • 19 inches x 13 inches
  • mixed media
  • Watercolor paper
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The Active Connections Collection

These paintings were created with bold lines, sharp contrast, crisp shapes, and lively colors to create a look of active tension and excitement.  They will continue to provide entertainment, intrigue, and inspiration as you connect with them on different levels, depending on the influences in your life.