Windy #2

Windy #2


I was first inspired by the color combination when I started this painting.  The softness of the mossy greens and the muted violets ignite something in me.  The warmth of the yellow orange contrasted with the pops of turquoise are suggesting movement.  This painting is rich with texture that adds to the sense of movement.  After naming it Windy, the composition fell into place to support that theme.  But, other than the wind, the cause of the activity is not totally defined.  Are there children playing, tossing things in the air?  Has the breeze excited your pets?  Are they chasing the leaves?  Is there a runner in the distance, stirring up dust?  I leave that for you to decide.

  • 24 inches x 18 inches

  • mixed media

  • Cradled Board with .75 inch sides

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The Living Currents Collection

The bold colors and textures of these paintings provide a lyrical sense of nature’s rhythms and a poetic push and pull of life events.  While soothing in nature, these paintings will continually stimulate your imagination.  You will see and feel different things as you connect on different levels over time.