Garden Music

Garden Music


This painting is rich with texture and collage.  I used organic shapes and colors that could symbolize plants and flowers, overlapping and exaggerating them as needed for a good composition.  Near the completion of the painting, I began to see a figure covered with or made from plant material that appeared to be playing a stringed instrument.  As I finished the painting, I elaborated on that until I had Garden Music.  Can you see the figure?  Can you hear the music?  What else is there to this lyrical story in the garden?

  • 22 inches x 30 inches

  • mixed media

  • Cradled Board with 1.5 inch sides

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The Active Connections Collection

These paintings were created with bold lines, sharp contrast, crisp shapes, and lively colors to create a look of active tension and excitement.  They will continue to provide entertainment, intrigue, and inspiration as you connect with them on different levels, depending on the influences in your life.