Awareness Rising

Awareness Rising


The bright colors in this painting seem to rise out of a cloudy, dark primordial place suggesting awareness rising from darkness.  The soothing blues are a contrasting backdrop for the more active yellows and pops of orange.  I find this painting to be very uplifting.  It always brightens my mood and leaves me pondering about what awareness might bring.  How do you feel when you look at this painting?  Does it remind you of a place you’ve been or a situation?  This painting was designed to ignite your imagination.

  • 18 inches by 24 inches

  • acrylic

  • Canvas with 1.5 inch sides

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The Living Currents Collection

The bold colors and textures of these paintings provide a lyrical sense of nature’s rhythms and a poetic push and pull of life events.  While soothing in nature, these paintings will continually stimulate your imagination.  You will see and feel different things as you connect on different levels over time.