Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape


The colors and textures of this “expressively” abstracted landscape suggest a fall scene with trees just ready to lose their beautiful leaves.  The foreground could be an open field of wild grasses.  Perhaps it’s a clearing in the woods or grazing land.  The purples, blues, and greens are structured in a way to suggest movement, possibly wind.  This painting will give you a feeling of peace.  It’s the end of the growing season when the plants and trees pull back from life for a while.  It’s a calm place where you can go to rest your thoughts. 

  • 10 inches x 8 inches
  • watercolor
  • Watercolor paper
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The Living Currents Collection

The bold colors and textures of these paintings provide a lyrical sense of nature’s rhythms and a poetic push and pull of life events.  While soothing in nature, these paintings will continually stimulate your imagination.  You will see and feel different things as you connect on different levels over time.